Fall Into A Black Hole - A Guided Experience

Image credit:NASA

After a horrible but in hindsight, rather apparent miscalculation, you've just been teleported some million miles away from your intended position, placing you in the middle of interstellar space, right in the vicinity of a black hole, you float helplessly because you're just supposed to end up at a particular space hub. The trip should have otherwise been routine. You mostly lack anything of use for the situation other than your enclosed space suit, a substantial amount of oxygen, and a high capacity computer in the contact device. You've been trying to coordinate with your contact source to provide them with your position with the idea that the same calculation can be made again, but this time intentionally and with the rescue module. While you have been doing this, the black hole approaches you at an increasing rate, and you have had no way of sufficiently turning yourself around and moving in any other direction.
After some more time passes around. Rescue module and crew members have been assembled and are in the process of being sent to your location. You feel a moment of slight relief and hope as you're notified of this, which is quickly brought further, and further back down is the black sphere of the outer region of the black hole known as the event horizon grows at a rate of change that you can barely even comprehend. As you approach the universe in nearby stars, begin to diffract in strange ways, to streak and twisting as the gravity of the black hole bends space-time more and more, causing light to orbit around it. You, your perception becomes increasingly warped, almost like the universe is a fresh tube of toothpaste, and you are being squeezed out of it. Soon, the entire visible world around the black hole is pushed further and further out of your field of view, which is by now mostly filled with the Deathly black of the indescribable void in front of you. Eventually, the rescue module is sent to your location. To ensure the rescue members' safety and avoid the risk of already being too close to the black hole, it is assigned a reasonable distance back away from your initial coordinates. Once it arrives, it will approach you from a range that now, even from where you originally sent, is a great length away. The rescue member in contact dispatch members observes you through the modules onboard telescopic visual recording device, which is zoomed in on you at about 100 x plus magnification. The blade is still much too far away for you to see it. At this point, as the gravitational force of the black hole continues to contort space-time, more and more. The functions of space and time are beginning to swap where the direction of space becomes singular, and time becomes almost multi-directional relative to the rescue member and everyone else. The time has already started to slow down immensely for you. From their perspective, you are moving incredibly slow, nearly motionless, and suspended in space. You dispatch, and the rescuer frantically contacts back and forth, trying to determine the limits of the situation in real-time, while real-time no longer has much of any meaning. It is by this point that it is known by everyone but you that you had mostly already been too close or nearly past the event horizon of the black hole. By the time the module arrived, and it is too late for a rescue mission to be safely completed with any real probability. By now, you are mostly aware of this as well. You turn your head away from the growing blackness in front of you and look back towards the direction you came looking for at the rescue module and an impulse of remaining hope and desire to see anyone before you never see anyone ever again. The observable universe behind you appears to be speeding up in time through that of a fisheye lens as the warping black void begins to overtake it more and more. From your perspective, the space module flashes in and out of existence before it can even be noticed. The universe speeds up, and you see the future rapidly unfold. As you watch, the nothingness that has filled in front of you begins to feel more and more behind you, and the black hole becomes less of a mess than that of the rest of the entire visible universe. It looks almost as if you're exiting out of a shrinking rubber dome. The world drifts into the distance, narrowing tighter and tighter into an increasingly tiny or blight glowing exit door. You have now come left the known world, the physics of space and time, as you understand them have lost all relevance and operation. From here, there was only one way in all directions. No matter what you are doing and wherever you go. Everything around you approaching you is the black hole's singularity, the strange, mysterious center that could be the end or edge or breach of all space-time. The rescue member who has since been instructed to abandon any further approach observes you as you appear to be completely frozen in space on the black hole's outer edge. The gravitational force of the black hole had created a dissonance of time and space so extreme between you and the rest of the universe, that you appear to be completely frozen in it from the perspective of the module to everyone else, you haven't even disappeared yet, also though you're already somewhere inside. The rescue module has no choice but to leave you there and what will sort of remain like an infinitely suspended death site. From your perspective, though, everything has continued, and you float inside the black hole for some amount of time. You begin to split Modify or stretch as the increasingly extreme difference of gravity's effects on your lower body nears the singularity pull more than it does on your upper body. Eventually, you're disintegrated further and further down all the way to your most minimal and elementary particles. You are, at this moment, entirely theoretical.
Of course, no one has, and perhaps no one ever will be in such a situation, at least not without it being some sort of science fiction or distant future scenario. Thus, we don't know what happens on the way or the inside of a black hole. One because we can't physically access them and to because based on what we do know, even if we could find nothing could ever enter, survive and come back out to confirm. Despite this, though, we do have potentially fairly accurate mathematic, theoretical and computer-based models that help us understand that if you were in such a scenario, it would maybe go something like that, although at least to some extent, the class and type of the black hole could change many of the related effects and occurrence. have the experience. Ultimately, we can model and predict these sorts of things. But at a certain point, we obviously can't know for sure, we can and do, however, have a decent sense of how black holes come to form and work on the surface level, which is perhaps equally strange and mysterious.
Black holes form when a disproportionately large amount of matter is concentrated down into a disproportionately small space. Theoretically, anything with mass could be turned into a black hole for at least a brief period, so long as the object's weight was proportionally condensed down enough, which is to say theoretically if compressed in such a way, you could be turned into a black hole. However, as far as we understand, the only way black holes can adequately form and sustain themselves is when a star of massive enough mass much higher than our own Sun, dies and collapses down under the force of its immense gravity, the result of which yields the most powerful, strange and mysterious thing in the known universe. This point is known as the singularity, which is the point that sits at the center of a black hole and causes all these strange phenomena that occur around it. This point is infinitely small, infinitely dense, and causes gravity to become unbelievably high, which then results in an infinite curvature of space-time, the resulting gravitational force becomes so immense that nothing can escape it after crossing a particular outer threshold layer of the black hole known as the event horizon. After passing this point, no object or thing in the entire universe can escape it, not even light. However, this is not necessarily even the most challenging part about black holes. Instead, perhaps the most difficult and challenging part is what happens from here. The question of where you are, what were you end up going, and what it might mean for our understanding of physics and the nature of everything. Sometime after you would have passed the event horizon and enter the black hole, not only would you break all the way down to your most fundamental particles, but you and everything unique about you, the particular quantum information you carry appears to Potentially disappear entirely. The data is referred to here is not necessarily the sort of information we might typically think of, but rather quantum information that describes the properties of atoms and the path of their various formal arrangements, which theoretically, if you hadn't been sucked into a black hole would always continue to exist even after you're gone. And even more theoretically, if the information could be collected and measured, it would still long into the future house and sustain unique details about your physical state. This would be true for everything across the entire history of the universe. In the case of falling into the black hole, though, your information is not only swallowed up but also potentially erased. We know this to be possible because of a discovery made by Stephen Hawking around 1974, which showed that black holes emit radiation now known as Hawking radiation, and slowly but surely, over a very, very inconceivably long time, radiate their entire mass away until they eventually in a distant future that And dissolve away completely. This would then potentially only leave their evaporated radiation behind. The problem here is that their radiation seems to contain no unique information. Instead, it appears to be a spewing of informational nothingness, all of it being the same as the rest, indistinguishable and impossible to decipher anything from. This is terrifying just at face value but becomes even more frightening in terms of what it means for physics and our understanding of the universe.
The issue here is a crucial principle of physics: no information in the world can ever be destroyed, and if it is damaged, much of what defines physics could be wrong. This issue is known as the black hole information paradox. Some ideas attempt to resolve this paradox, some of which disregard or refute the premise of Hawking's theory, some of which suggests the information collects somewhere we can't quite find or access either in or on the surface of the black hole. It remains somewhere during and after a black holes lifetime. Others of which suggests that black holes create wormholes where information is sent from this universe to another universe or a different position in space-time, all of which these and others unmentioned currently remain highly theoretical, unprovable, and unresolvable. Ultimately, the paradox of black holes and the very nature of black holes is one of if not the first territory of space that remains unknown but essential to our understanding of basically everything else. Even despite the potential loss of quantum information. The very essence of our current general knowledge of black holes defies physics and has severe conflicting implications. Everything we understand about the universe is currently built on two pillars—Albert Einstein's theory of relativity and quantum physics.
Einstein's theory of general relativity deals with a broad macro level of the universe, and quantum mechanics deals with the micro-level. These two pillars work very well on their own, but don't often work very well together. And the unification is generally accepted as one of science and physics significant contemporary issues, the accomplishment of which in the form of some unifying equation would be deemed potentially the theory of everything. However, both of these pillars appear to find themselves in a rather strange situation inside black holes where neither seemed to work. Based on Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity, black holes create a singularity. And that's how we were able to form the conclusion of it being there. However, according to physics, that's impossible. You can't have an infinite density or infinite gravitational force, or endless anything in physics, infinity to our knowledge cannot be real in a physical, measurable sense. And when it appears in equations, it's mostly a sign of an error or impossibility. And thus, Einstein's theory breaks down at the minute scale of the singularity. Typically, quantum field theory would step in, but quantum field theory can't work here either, because it can't yet explain gravity. And the functions of black holes and the singularity are primarily based on severity. And so it seems That summer between the edge and core of black holes as either the separate collapse of both theories, destroying much of our understanding of everything, or the unification of both methods, creating a supposed ultimate theory of everything. In this sense, the first answer needed for the complete understanding of the universe happens to potentially be contained in hidden in a place that nothing could seem ever to enter and come out of a potential final frontier of human knowledge, guarded by a mammoth-sized galactic beast. Perhaps this beast is undefeatable, or maybe we simply lack the mathematic weaponry to fight it properly. For many of the greatest and most confusing paradoxes in history, even greater minds and more significant efforts have come along, confronted, and beat them dissolving such mysteries away into the false cynical realm forever. And perhaps here inside black holes, we will do the same again. Either that or maybe we will be dissolved by the paradox first.
You are at this moment, Elementary. Particles traveling closer and closer to the singularity of the black hole, you entered some irrelevant time ago. The quantum information or remnants of view remains as it circulates in a way that could only be described beyond material perception. Eventually, it locates inside on the outside, or somewhere beyond the black hole. Your material collects together or spews and scatters everywhere. It makes no difference. You exist here at this particular point at the answer. Your particles reveal what hundreds of thousands of years of civilization have labored to discover an embodiment of space, time, matter, energy and features of reality unknown, an unveiling of the limits of the infinite and the unending succeeding conformal boundaries of the finite and explanation of everything, and you are particles.

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